CBD and the Immune System

CBD and immunity.

Despite many discoveries about the effect of the Cannabis plant on the human body, there is still a lot of research investment, especially when it comes to the interaction between cannabis and the immune system.

Some studies show that Cannabinoids such as THC and CBD are immunosuppressive (immunosuppressive agents that block the response of our body’s defense system), which explains the relief that medical Cannabis users experience in autoimmune diseases and chronic inflammation. Other studies suggest that regular Cannabis use may increase white blood cell counts in immunodeficiency disorders, such as HIV, which are indicative of immune-enhancing effects.

Scientists also believe that the effects of Cannabis affect not only the body’s endocannabinoid system, but also the interaction with all biological activities in the body, including our immune system.

Our immune system.

We are constantly exposed to infectious diseases, bacterias and viruses (antigens), all of which are committed to disrupting and causing damage to the body. Without any inbuilt defenses to keep these invaders at bay, we’d all last about five minutes on this planet. Thank goodness we have an immune system: the complex network of cells, tissues and organs, running with military precision to keep us healthy.

One of the most difficult things to understand about CBD oil is its effect on the immune system. Will CBD oil strengthen or weaken it, and at what time will one of the effects be desired?

There is really no simple answer to this, because technically it can do both, depending on the autoimmune condition involved.

Here’s what you need to know to understand if CBD oil could help or undermine your immune system.

Effect of CBD oil on the immune system.

To understand whether CBD oil can strengthen or weaken the immune system, it is important to understand the basics.

Cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD), interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS plays an important role in the regulation of various bodily functions and systems, including the immune system.

When functioning properly, the immune system keeps a person healthy and allows the body to fight off diseases and infections. In a healthy immune system, inflammation is a normal and effective response to a threat to the health of the body. In individuals with poorly functioning immune systems, an inflammatory response is too easily triggered, which can lead to persistent inflammation, which often causes chronic pain in other circumstances. Current research points to chronic inflammation as a common factor in many diseases.

CBD oil can reduce this inflammation by allowing the immune system to function better and make you feel better.

How exactly does CBD oil affect the human immune system?

In the endocannabinoid system, one receptor is specific that plays a key role in regulating the immune response to inflammation: the cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2). CBD oil inhibits the action of CB2 receptors, which then help regulate inflammation in the body. In addition, cannabidiol has several indirect anti-inflammatory effects on the central nervous system that enhance its therapeutic effect.

For example, cytokines are proteins released by immune cells when the body is under stress or trauma. These proteins play a role in initiating and continuing the inflammatory process in the body. Studies have shown that cannabinoids such as cannabidiol can be so effective in disrupting cytokine release that CBD oil can even prevent inflammation before it starts.

CBD oil can also affect the immune system by inhibiting the reuptake of the neurotransmitter adenosine. This action increases the amount of adenosine in the brain, affecting A2A adenosine receptors in a way that reduces inflammation throughout the body.

So at this point, it may seem that all the benefits of CBD oil stem from the ability of cannabidiol to suppress the immune system. However, it is not that simple: there is evidence that CBD oil can do the opposite and strengthen the immune system to create other benefits.

How can CBD oil suppress the immune system and when does it have the desired effect?

CBD oil can play an important role in the management of autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases include conditions such as rheumatoid arthritismultiple sclerosis (MS), lupus, HIV / AIDS, and even Parkinson’s disease. Although these diseases have different effects and symptoms, they all have one thing in common: a hyperactive immune system.

Autoimmune diseases are characterized by an overreaction of the immune system to non-threatening internal events that trigger attacks on perfectly healthy cells within the body. The inflammation that occurs can cause stiffness, pain, and in some cases, internal organ and tissue damage.

For example, in multiple sclerosis (MS), the immune system mistakenly targets the central nervous system, causing the body to attack the material covering the nerve fibers and then forming layers of scar tissue. Eventually, scar tissue interferes with the ability of these nerves to send and receive signals, resulting in loss of motor function and eventually paralysis. CBD oil has been shown to improve the experience of MS patients by reducing inflammation, stiffness, muscle spasticity and pain.

People with MS have been using the Cannabis plant to manage symptoms and recently Sativex (GW PHARM/UK), an oral spray pharmaceutical made of THC and CBD, has been approved in Canada, the United Kingdom, and some of the European nations, to treat nerve pain and spasticity in MS patients.

Traditionally, medication used to treat autoimmune conditions are immunosuppressive and synthetically engineered; basically, they work to turn off the immune system. Unfortunately, turning off the immune system can cause additional problems, as it makes individuals more susceptible to infections and diseases.

CBD oil, on the other hand, could be a great middle-of-the-road option for those with autoimmune diseases because it suppresses very specific parts of the immune system without completely excluding it. Also, cannabidiol is naturally occurring and similar to the endocannabinoids produced in the body, making it a more gentler treatment option than some prescription pharmaceuticals. With little to no proven side effects, CBD oil could be something to try if you are looking to manage the symptoms of autoimmune disease. Just always remember to consult your doctor first who is familiar with more extensive treatments and therapies than just the traditional ones.

How can CBD oil strengthen your immune system?

In contrast to a hyperactive immune system, a weakened immune system is not able to defend the body properly and fend off infections as it should.

As mentioned above, CBD oil has been found to act as an effective immune suppressant and is therefore used to treat inflammation. So how can CBD oil both suppress and boost your immune system? While the answer to this question is still being researched and sought out, promising progress has been made.

The results of studies examining the effects of CBD on cancer patients – under conditions of markedly weakened immune systems – showed that individuals were better able to fight infection with cannabidiol.

In one such study found that high-dose cannabinoids induced the body to kill cancer cells through a process known as apoptosis. In a healthy immune system, apoptosis (which regulates balanced cell division and keeps the number of cells in the body constant) naturally triggers the detection of infected cells in the body. The findings of the study are enormous, considering that cancer cells are determined by their ability to escape apoptosis, which allows them to reproduce and spread throughout the body. While the specificity of how cannabinoids cause this reaction is still being studied, it does suggest that CBD oil could stop cancer cells when the immune system cannot.

According to studies so far, cannabidiol can prevent autoimmune diseases by soothing the hyperactive immune system and strengthening the compromised immune system. After all, CBD oil can help your body find the balance it needs to function at an optimal level.

CBD oils for the immune system.

What you determine to be the best CBD oil for your immune system will depend on some factors, such as where you live; the condition you are hoping to treat and your personal preferences.

Before making any kind of cannabis-related purchases, it is important to know what is legal in your country. If you live in a country where medical and recreational Cannabis is legal, you may be able to obtain a full spectrum of CBD oil containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC has its own set of potential health benefits that can help with specific autoimmune diseases. If you live in a country where some Cannabis products are restricted, you can still use Cannabis products without THC or CBD isolates.

How you choose to use CBD oil will depend on your preferences and needs. In the case of an autoimmune disease that causes local chronic pain, such as arthritis, CBD oils could provide lasting relief.

CBD oil capsules or tinctures/drops are the most common types to take CBD oil. These products are easy to use in your daily routine and allow you to experience the benefits of cannabidiol every day.

Finally, it is important to talk to your doctor before you start using CBD oil. Although CBD oil has little or no known side effects, it may interact with some prescribed medications.

And we only hope that someday we can consult a specialist – a doctor who has an in-depth understanding of CBD oil for medical use.

You can order our GWEEPRODUCTS CBD oil in our online shop. Let’s try and include CBD into our daily routine and see how our well-being can improve.

The information on the internet about CBD products and their use will be ambiguous, so we always recommend reading safe and reliable sources. We also use websites related to the Cannabis industry, research and education to prepare information.

The content of this site is for informational purposes only. We are not medical experts and this should not be interpreted as medical advice. Be sure to consult your doctor before undergoing CBD or other treatment.

The chemistry of every human body and brain is unique, so the use of CBD to improve mental as well as physical health does not guarantee results. However, many GWEEPRODUCTS CBD oil users have included it into their daily routine as one of the therapies for improving mental, physical health and quality of life.

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