CBD and Osteoporosis and Bone health

According to the World Health Organization, osteoporosis is the second most common health problem after cardiovascular disease.

Osteoporosis tends to be called a silent epidemic – it is only visible when the bones are already fractured and hurt. At an early age, everybody thinks that aging is far into future, so there’s nothing to worry about … However, the sooner we start to care for our bone health, the lower the risk of developing osteoporosis in old age.

Statistics on bone loss and related fractures confirm that osteoporosis is as prevalent in all developed European countries. About 30% of women suffer from menopause.

Osteoporosis and the fractures it causes are often the cause of a long-term illness, but the onset is truly imperceptible: the bones remain quiet and invisibly porous, reducing their strength and significantly increasing the risk of fractures. 3 sites are exposed to fractures in practicular: the spine, the hipbone, and the base of the wrist. At a time when bone density is critically reduced, fractures can occur even in everyday situations, such as leaning against a fallen object or to hit the toe of the bed’s leg…

In late-stage osteoporosis fractures recur, bone pain is possible, difficulty in movement, and patient becomes dependent on others because the routine tasks are difficult to do. It should be noted that treatment for osteoporosis is much more expensive than prevention. Regular calcium intake with vitamin D3 and physical activities can help to reduce the rate of bone loss.

Numerous factors and medications can contribute to the development of osteoporosis, but the disease is often driven by human nutrition and lifestyle. The most common causes of osteoporosis are:
• bone fracture as a result of minor or even non-traumatic injury;
• sedentary lifestyle;
• reduced body weight (less than 58 kg);
• insufficient calcium intake (diet, malnutrition, anorexia, bulimia);
• vitamin D deficiency (including sun exposure);
• use of nicotine, alcohol, caffeine (more than 4 cups of coffee a day);
• hip fracture of mother or parent, grandparents;
• glucocorticoid therapy;
• amenorrhea – absence of menstruation;
• premature menopause (45 years or less);
• age over 65 years.
If any of these risk factors apply to you, go to your doctor to discuss how best to protect yourself against osteoporosis. Remember to check your bone density!

CBD oil is used to improve bone health.
Although research is ongoing, researchers believe that CBD can be a promising therapeutic tool for the treatment of osteoporosis.

CBD impact and benefits:
CBD is considered an effective and safe alternative to medication. Some medical researchers and patients are already recommending CBD for the treatment of osteoporosis. There are currently many CBD products that can be used to potentially alleviate the disease.

Here are some things scientists have discovered so far:
– Cannabinoid receptors are found in bone cells. These are the CB1, CB2 and GPR55 receptors for rare diseases. Research has shown that endocannabinoids and these receptors play a major role in the development of osteoporosis.

– Studies show that CBD has the potential to reduce the occurrence, progression and damage of bone fragility due to osteoporosis. A study on the role of cannabinoid receptors “plays an important role in bone remodeling and pathogenesis of joint disease”.

– another study, which investigated CBD’s influence in fracture healing. Research findings provide strong evidence that the endocannabinoid system is a promising therapeutic target for the prevention of bone diseases, particularly those related to age.

With the astonishing properties of this Cannabis plant, it is hoped that as its popularity grows, so will research and new positive discoveries. And the good customer reviews of CBD as a complementary therapy to combat some of the diseases that are attributed to menopause and believe it works.

You can read more about CBD in our Blog and order our GWEEPRODUCTS CBD oil in our online shop. Let’s try and include CBD into our daily routine and see how our well-being can improve.

The content of this site is for informational purposes only. We are not medical experts and this should not be interpreted as medical advice. Be sure to consult your doctor before undergoing CBD or other treatment.

The chemistry of every human body and brain is unique, so the use of CBD to improve mental as well as physical health does not guarantee results. However, many GWEEPRODUCTS CBD oil users have included it into their daily routine as one of the therapies for improving mental, physical health and quality of life.

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