CBD for better sleep

Tea with CBD can not only be a tasty alternative to the usual CBD intake methods, but also the equivalent if you want to improve sleep. In this article, we will look at the use of tea with CBD, consider its benefits, help determine the optimal dose, introduce the effect, suggest how to make it yourself.

Tea can become a favorite way to enjoy a daily dose of CBD, as it can be a pleasant addition to your routine.

Advantages of tea:

⦁ relaxing feeling.

If you feel that sipping tea relaxes you, imagine the soothing feelings of enjoying both at the same time. The drink can also be hot, of course, but by slowly sipping and adding additives such as butter or milk, you can regulate the temperature in this way.

If you want an even calmer effect, you can do so by sipping a decaffeinated tea such as hemp, chamomile, mint or ginger. We recommend using a variety of Cannabis strains, which also include terpenes such as myrcene and linalool, to enhance these sedative effects.

⦁ improves the body’s overall immunity.

Enjoying herbal teas can improve your overall health, as long as you know what you want or need to heal in your body. Herbal teas are also the basis of phytotherapy, but in general, phytotherapy is a therapy of all vulnerary plants and not just their effects through teas.

Cannabis/hemp tea.
You can actually make tea from (virtually) any part of the Cannabis/hemp plant.

  • Flowers/buds.
    Hemp flowers, of course, should be your choice when making tea. They contain the highest concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes, so their infusion will lead to the strongest possible drink.
  • Leaves.
    The most commonly available hemp tea and its preparation will have a very good effect. You can either add the dried, cleaned leaves directly to the water or heat them in coconut oil. If you use the latter method, the oil should push all the existing cannabinoids forward, making the resulting tea stronger than it would otherwise be. But in general, hemp leaf teas are generally weaker.
  • Stems.
    Stems are also a great source of cannabinoids. That’s why you’ll often find these parts of herbs in hemp tea.

It is a decaffeinated drink with a lot of nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins.


When making your own tea, you have the opportunity to choose how to improve it, which can significantly change the experience of enjoying it. The usual supplements will also fit perfectly into your tea with CBD.

⦁ Water.
CBD and THC are not water-soluble, so you will not be able to absorb them fully. It is an opportunity to enjoy a pleasant hemp-flavored tea.

⦁ Butter or oil.
If you want a stronger, more effective tea, we recommend adding butter or oil. CBD and THC do not like water, but they love fat, so the fat in butter or oil will combine with cannabinoids so that the body can absorb them all.

⦁ CBD oil drops.
If you want to take CBD and THC with hemp tea, adding a few drops to the tea might also be ideal. To improve the taste, be sure to add honey, sugar, lemon, etc.

Dose to one cup.
If you make it yourself, the CBD and THC content of your tea will vary depending on which strain of Cannabis you use. To get a rough idea, use this general rule: add 0 at the end of CBD or THC percentage. For example, if you have 5% CBD, the cup will contain about 50 mg for each gram used.

We recommend that you start with a lower dose if you are a beginner, and we recommend that you increase the dose only in small increments each time you enjoy it.

The effects of CBD tea.
As with foods and beverages ingested through the digestive tract, hemp tea with CBD takes some time to work. How you feel it will depend on the type of tea you are consuming and each body’s response to CBD, as well as many side factors such as what you have eaten before.

You should usually wait about 30 to 90 minutes before the tea starts to work if you want to use it to improve sleep, relieve pain, for example. For some individuals, it may take up to two hours or more to feel exposed.

For example, those with less body fat may experience the effects more quickly than those with more bodyweight, and shorter people may also feel it faster than taller people. However, if this is your first time, you may start to notice the effects earlier, while those who use tea regularly will need more time before they feel anything.

For most people, the duration of exposure to tea will be about 4 to 8 hours, but this will again depend on factors such as individual physiology, food/drink intake and tolerance to CBD.

Tea recipes.

GWEE team’s favorite tea recipe:
Using chamomile and lavender, you can make a wonderful evening tea, famous for its soothing aroma and sleep-promoting properties. Our gentle CBD oil complements this duo with its terpene, an organic compound, in quantities that provide a variety of potential benefits. Chamomile and lavender get different flavors from their terpenes, and the dynamic compounds have made them reliable sources of natural relaxation. The delicate, earthy aroma of CBD terpenes blends well with their floral notes to produce a soothing, calm effect tea.

This recipe is for one cup of tea.

1 cup hot water
1-1.5 teaspoons chamomile tea
1.5 teaspoons dried lavender tea
10 – 15mg of our – GWEE PRODUCTS CBD OIL
1.5 teaspoons coconut oil or other oils
Lemon slice

You will need to boil water, as well as make a tea infusion from the dry ingredients. Bring the water to a boil. The water of suitable temperature pour over the chamomile and lavender tea, let them soak in water for up to five minutes. When you have made your tea, add CBD oil and oil of your choice. It can float on the surface, but you can stir the tea to mix it evenly. Tea is served with a slice of lemon and honey.

Hemp tea recipe from our friends Obelisk Farm:
Add a teaspoon of hemp tea.
Add a half spoon of coconut oil or any other fat as per your preference.
Pour some hot water into the cup.
Brew it for at least 5 minutes until you get the desired strength.
Remove the leaves using a strainer if they interfere with your enjoyment of tea.
Can add sugar or lemon according to the preference. If not can taste it without adding anything.

Enjoy everything that hemp tea has to offer!

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The information on the internet about CBD products and their use will be ambiguous, so we always recommend reading safe and reliable sources. We also use websites related to the Cannabis industry, research and education to prepare information.

The content of this site is for informational purposes only. We are not medical experts and this should not be interpreted as medical advice. Be sure to consult your doctor before undergoing CBD or other treatment.

The chemistry of every human body and brain is unique, so the use of CBD to improve mental as well as physical health does not guarantee results. However, many GWEEPRODUCTS CBD oil users have included it into their daily routine as one of the therapies for improving mental, physical health and quality of life.

References: obeliskfarm.lv

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