Some creative ways to use CBD this summer.

Summer is at its best, and the weather is sunny and the days are enough long and the nights warm, it seems like it can be such a time filled with endless possibilities. Whether you are relaxing in the backyard garden, sunbathing by the sea or having a nice summer vacation with family and friends, there are so many ways to enjoy this great time. For those of us who love to use Cannabis and its products, this is also one of the best times of the year. Think of outdoor outings, camping trips with your friends with summer season drinks and meals made even more valuable with a small dose of CBD (cannabidiol), or maybe even pre-snack CBD smoke.

CBD helps to naturally create internal stability through homeostasis. It allows our body and mind to feel a greater balance, which can have a positive effect on mood and emotions, while also reducing painstress and inflammation, making it an ideal summer helper.


Whether we use drops of CBD oil, tinctures, or topical creams, body oils are so many ways to add CBD to your summer routine so you can feel good every day and improve your overall well-being.

Here are a few ways to make your summer days and outings more enjoyable, complemented by delicious and CBD-topped dishes that will delight our taste buds and provide the mental and emotional support you need for a stress-free summer vacation. From CBD cocktails to CBD snacks, there are many DIY recipes we can use to add a slightly different feel to your next summer BBQ event. We’ve put together some recipes, tips & tricks you can use to include a daily dose of CBD in your summer drinks and meals:

Refreshing CBD drinks.

Summer is all about delicious, thirst-quenching drinks and cocktails. It is very important to stay hydrated during the hot summer months, especially if you plan to be active. The more we move and sweat, the more water and hydration the body will need.

Why not add a little GWEEPRODUCTS CBD oil to your drink?! A few drops of CBD will give a special herbal and earthy aroma and taste nuances of Cannabis, as well as provide all the therapeutic benefits. They can come in a variety of flavors and formats, such as fruit and berry water, which help reduce thirst while also reducing pain and inflammation during athletic activities, as well as helping to cope with symptoms such as anxiety.

Tea/decaf coffee with CBD.

We can add a few drops of CBD oil to your hot or cold iced tea/decaf coffee to complement our favorite summer drink!

  • Decaf iced coffee (1 person).



One cup of coffee made to your liking (hemp milk or cream, sugar or another sweetener, etc.)


Mocha, caramel, chocolate mint or cappuccino syrups will give your coffee the desired taste


Allow the brewed coffee to cool.

Just before freezing the ice cubes, shake the CBD oil to make sure the CBD oil is homogeneous. Add the desired amount of drops to your coffee cup and mix well.

Pour about half of the coffee into form to make ice cubes and put them in the freezer. Cool the remaining coffee in the refrigerator.

When you are ready to enjoy a glass of CBD iced coffee, put a piece of CBD coffee ice cubes in the glass and pour over the remaining chilled coffee.


If you make filtered coffee, you can sometimes add a little cinnamon or cardamom powder to it before making coffee, which will also give different taste nuances.

You can find our hemp tea recipe on our Instagram or FB account.

Fruit cocktails with CBD.

Can there be anything better in a hot summer than a cool fresh fruit cocktail? It is urgent to take advantage of the moment when our favorite fruits and berries are so widely available. So we can supplement our smoothie or freshly squeezed juice with a few drops of CBD. Such a cocktail will immediately gain a different value.

  • Green smoothie (1 serving).

smoothie recipe


1 cup pineapple (can be frozen pieces)

1 cup fresh kale leaves (or 1/2 cup frozen)

1 cup fresh spinach leaves (or 1/2 cup frozen)

1/4 avocado (fresh)

1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lime juice

1 tablespoon Obelisk Farm chopped hemp seeds

A daily dose of your GWEE PRODUCTS CBD oil

Coconut water (or other liquid for mixing – milk, water)


Put all the ingredients in the blender in the order shown.

Pour coconut water or other selected liquid on top. Blend to the desired structure.

CBD cocktails with alcohol.

Can alcohol and CBD go together? Yes, unless we are too passionate! Although mixing Cannabis and alcohol can become a little intoxicating, CBD is devoid of psychoactive effects. Use your CBD to add a few drops to your drink, wine, or other favorite adult drink. At GOOP, you’ll find some cocktail recipes you might want to try. Here is one of them:

  • Gin and tonic (1 cocktail).



45ml gin

104ml tonic

8ml lemon juice


Optional other aromatic supplements such as hemp leaves, lime slice, grapefruit peel, edible flowers, herbs and peppercorns


Fill a glass of wine with gin, lemon juice and tonic. Add ice.

Arrange the aromatic additions to the drink aesthetically.

Add CBD oil.

CBD and picnic snacks.

Eating outdoors is one of the best components of summer. For the next picnic, barbecue evening with friends, we can bring some dishes that Cannabis-loving friends can try (you need to make sure they are friends with Cannabis before you treat them).

Spread a little honey with CBD on a slice of watermelon, add a few drops of CBD’s favorite herb butter or pesto and make a fresh salad with olive oil and add CBD. You can also add CBD oil to desserts and ice cream.

We can add a daily dose of CBD to freshly sliced ​​melon slices or mango, for a refreshing and soothing therapy.

Combine yogurt, fresh fruit, honey and CBD oil in a bowl for a healthy, sweet and balanced summer experience.

  • Pasta with pesto.

pasta recipes


1/2 cup fresh parsley

1/2 cup cherry tomatoes

1 tablespoon cedar nuts

2 fresh garlic cloves

3 tablespoons olive oil

2 teaspoons Obelisk Farm hemp seed oil


A pinch of salt and pepper to taste


Start by washing fresh parsley and cherry tomatoes.

Then place all the ingredients in this order in a food blender and mix until smooth and creamy consistency.

Add the pesto to the pre-made pasta or noodles.

  • Double chocolate chip cookies (12pcs).

cookies recipe


1 cup coconut oil, melted

1 ½ cup of coconut sugar

2 eggs

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

2 tsp. GWEE PRODUCTS 5% CBD oil

1 tsp. sea ​​salt

1 tsp. baking soda

2 cups cocoa powder

½ dark chocolate or ¼ glasses of dark chocolate chips, flaky sea salt for decoration.


Preheat the oven to 175ºC.

In a bowl, mix the melted coconut oil and coconut sugar together until completely mixed. Add eggs, vanilla and stir until evenly mixed.

Add baking soda, salt and cocoa powder and mix until smooth. The dough should be very moist, more like a brownie, not a biscuit.

Make dough balls (you can also do it by hand) and place them on a baking sheet lined with baking paper, spaced apart.

At the top of each cookie, squeeze the pieces of chocolate or chips (you can also mix in the dough if you want) and sprinkle with flaky sea salt.

Bake for about 10 – 12 minutes until the edges are firm but the center is still soft.

Allow cooling for 15 minutes.

  • Watermelon and chia seed ice cream (4 servings).

ice cream recipes


2 glasses of fresh, sweet, watermelon juice

1 tablespoon chia seeds (optional)

GWEE PRODUCTS CBD oil drops (preferred dose for each)


In a bowl, add chia seeds and CBD drops to the watermelon juice, mix well.

Pour the mixture into four ice cream molds and freeze.


You can adjust the CBD dose so that each individual ice cream mold has the intended dose.

Look for recipes online, they really are many and not complicated at all. Somewhere here.

CBD and skincare in summer.

⦁ Protect your skin from sunburn with CBD and aloe.


The strong summer sun can be especially harsh on our skin when we often get sunburns just because we have been waiting for these warm and sunny summer days all the time. However, if you get sunburned, add a drop of our CBD oil to the aloe and lightly massage it into the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD will be able to soothe irritated skin.

CBD and sunburn.

⦁ You can also use CBD oil to treat insect bites, reducing pain, itching and inflammation.

Add CBD oil to your summer hair care ritual.

Salt, sun and sand also affect the condition and appearance of hair. CBD can also be a good helper for our hair. Add a few drops to the conditioner and leave for 5 minutes while you take a shower. Steam and heat will help CBD penetrate deeper into the hair cuticles, making hair smoother and silkier.

Find your “chill” feeling with CBD oil.

Unfortunately, work, home, and personal responsibilities can affect our minds and diminish our exciting summer plans. Fortunately, CBD oil can offer strong stress-relieving properties that can help return to the feeling of enjoying the summer season.

CBD affects our nervous system by activating CB1 receptors to reduce feelings of depression, anxiety and stress, thus helping us to be more positive, which is ideal for summertime. Continue to take your daily dose of CBD every day for extra emotional stimulation that can help us better absorb each dose of summer fun.

Be sure that this summer you will have a peaceful, happy and painless time by including CBD oil in your daily routine. For more information on CBD oil, visit our other blog posts, or buy your CBD oil today to try and start your new summer routine in the coming days.

We hope to inspire you to use CBD all summer long in many new and creative ways. Only, we recommend moderation in the enjoyment of food and drink at one time, accompanied by CBD. And it is better to choose one or a few drinks and foods to enrich with CBD at one time.

Maybe there is some special type and a recipe for how you enjoy using CBD in the summer?

The information on the internet about CBD products and their use will be ambiguous, so we always recommend reading safe and reliable sources. We also use websites related to the Cannabis industry, research and education to prepare information.

The content of this site is for informational purposes only. We are not medical experts and this should not be interpreted as medical advice. Be sure to consult your doctor before undergoing CBD or other treatment.

The chemistry of every human body and brain is unique, so the use of CBD to improve mental as well as physical health does not guarantee results. However, many GWEEPRODUCTS CBD oil users have included it into their daily routine as one of the therapies for improving mental, physical health and quality of life.

Photos from Unsplash; Canva; GOOP.

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