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Cannabis medical uses by strain type

Cannabis medical uses by strain type.

Cannabis medical uses by strains On the internet you will find a wide range of information about Cannabis strains with different flavors/aromas: strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, cherry; with various effects: euphoric, invigorating, relaxing, concentration-improving, sleep-promoting, energizing, etc.; intended for various health conditions: depression, insomnia, nausea, inflammation, pain, etc.; also containing various predominant terpenes. Researchers created the …

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Benefits of CBD for sports

CBD and Sport.

CBD and Sports CBD & benefits for athletically active people. This time, the article is more for the hobbyist or passionate about sports than professional athletes. That means, for everyone who spends their time in the gym, wake boards, surfs, runs, bikes, boxes, swims, hikes and loves to go on long walks in the nature. …

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