sleep disorders;

CBD oil against hair loss.

Hundreds of millions of men and women suffer from severe hair loss. Also known as male pattern baldness, alopecia and female hair loss, this condition affects many people every day. In addition to congenital hair loss, many other people lose their hair due to treatments such as chemotherapy, stress, certain medications, diet and other lifestyle …

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CBD for dystonia

CBD for dystonia.

CBD and Dystonia We hear about vegetative dystonia more and more often, because we all face stress and huge overload on a daily basis. On a daily basis, we have a huge amount of information around us and the speed of its change, there is a growing need to perceive, analyze more and more new …

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Autisms and CBD oil

Autism and CBD Oil.

CBD and Autism Autism is caused by a genetic disorder. This diagnosis can be inherited, it can also be facilitated by various risk factors during pregnancy, but in most cases, the exact cause of autism cannot be determined. Autism can’t be cured, but it can be alleviated, and can take many forms, ranging from extremely …

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CBD for stroke recovery

CBD for Stroke Recovery.

CBD and Stroke recovery A stroke is a sudden cerebrovascular accident of the brain. The most common causes of a stroke are vascular diseases – atherosclerosis, hypertonic disease, vasculitis, vascular malformations, etc. A stroke can be ischemic when blood supply is impaired in one of the blood vessels in the brain, or hemorrhagic when increased …

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Benefits of CBD for sports

CBD and Sport.

CBD and Sports CBD & benefits for athletically active people. This time, the article is more for the hobbyist or passionate about sports than professional athletes. That means, for everyone who spends their time in the gym, wake boards, surfs, runs, bikes, boxes, swims, hikes and loves to go on long walks in the nature. …

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CBD & insomnia

CBD and Insomnia.

CBD and Insomnia Unfortunately, many are not able to enjoy a good nights rest due to sleeping disorders such as insomnia, which is as “difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep.” We all know the meaning of those groggy days after night spent tossing and turning… trying to fall asleep and hoping to get some sleep. …

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